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Light Filtering Or Blackout?

Light filtering and blackout fabrics are two types of window covering fabrics that are designed for different purposes. Here are some of the main differences between these two types of fabrics:

  • Light filtering fabric: Light filtering fabric is designed to allow some light to pass through, while blocking out direct sunlight and reducing glare. This type of fabric can provide a soft, diffuse light that can enhance the overall ambiance of a space, while also providing privacy and reducing heat gain.

  • Blackout fabric: Blackout fabric is designed to block out all light, including both natural and artificial light. This type of fabric is typically used in bedrooms or other spaces where complete darkness is desired, such as media rooms or home theaters. Blackout fabric can also provide additional insulation and help reduce noise.

Light Filtering Room Suggestions

Living Room

Dinning Room





Blackout Room Suggestion

In conclusion, the main differences between light filtering and blackout fabrics are their light-blocking capabilities and their intended uses. Light filtering fabric allows some light to pass through, while blackout fabric blocks out all light. Light filtering fabric is typically used for general purposes, such as providing privacy and reducing glare, while blackout fabric is typically used for specific purposes, such as creating darkness in bedrooms or home theaters.

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