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Roller Shade



by Louvolite UK

Roller blinds are a stylish and practical window shade that can be a real focal point in the home. 

This fabric collection offers a diverse range of fabrics that will transform any room, high end lustrous weaves and textures, prints that range from bold to tastefully simple and for extra privacy choose one of our effective blockouts. We even have bathrooms and kitchens covered with our moisture resistant and Ultra-Fresh* treated fabrics. 

Keep the streamlined aesthetic and finish off your blind with one of our cassettes and bottom bars that complement your interior and fabric choice. 

Features & Benefits
  • Stunning Roller Shade fabric designs, make a bold statement or blend them into your existing decor. 

  • A vast collection of colours, textures, and patterns

  • Energy saving Roller blind fabrics

  • Provides great protection from UV rays

  • Can be motorized


What Is A Roller Shade?

Roller blinds are a type of window treatment that consists of a piece of fabric that is mounted on a roller and can be raised or lowered to cover the window. Roller blinds are a simple, versatile option that can be made of a wide range of materials, including polyester, cotton, vinyl, or bamboo.


Many easy to operate mechanisms are available including using a spring-loaded mechanism or Somfy or Louvolite motorization , and they can be easily adjusted to allow varying degrees of light in. Roller blinds are a popular choice for many homes and businesses because of their simplicity and the many different colors, patterns, and textures available.

What is Sheerweave?

Sheerweave roller shades are a type of window treatment that consist of a sheer fabric mounted on a roller mechanism. The fabric is made of a lightweight, transparent material that allows some light to pass through, while still providing privacy and UV protection. Sheerweave roller shades are often used in rooms where a soft, diffused light is desired, such as in a bedroom or living room. The roller mechanism allows the shade to be easily raised or lowered, and the sheer fabric can be adjusted to various levels of transparency.

1%, 3%, 5%, 10% Openness

Sheerweave fabrics are made of a lightweight, transparent material that allows some light to pass through, while still providing privacy and UV protection. The percentage listed in the name of the fabric indicates the amount of light that is blocked by the fabric. For example, a 3% sheerweave fabric will block 3% of the light that passes through it, while a 10% sheerweave fabric will block 10% of the light. This means that the 3% fabric will be more transparent, allowing more light to pass through, while the 10% fabric will be less transparent and will block more light. The 1% and 5% fabrics will fall somewhere in between in terms of transparency and light blocking ability.


Light filtering shades for blinds are window coverings designed to allow natural light to enter a room while still providing privacy and moderate light control. These shades are typically made from semi-transparent or sheer materials that diffuse and soften incoming sunlight.

The main purpose of light-filtering shades is to maintain a bright and airy atmosphere in a room while reducing glare and blocking out harsh direct sunlight. They are ideal for spaces where privacy is desired, such as living rooms, dining areas, or home offices, while still allowing a pleasant amount of natural light to illuminate the space.


Blackout shades for blinds are window coverings specifically designed to block out external light sources and provide maximum darkness and privacy in a room. These shades are typically made from heavyweight materials, such as thick fabric or vinyl, which effectively prevent light from passing through.

The primary purpose of blackout shades is to create a dark and comfortable environment, especially during the daytime or in rooms that require complete darkness, such as bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, or shift workers' rooms. By blocking incoming sunlight or streetlights, blackout shades help promote better sleep, reduce glare on screens, and maintain a cool temperature in the room.

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